Our Charity Project

One of the reasons we chose the name Solskinn (Sunshine) for our boat is because it reflects a positive and warm attitude. We wanted our trip to be about something more than an experience for ourselves, so we decided to make a difference for those who need it. This is why we have teamed up with the Norwegian foundation, Prosjekt Haiti (Project Haiti), in order to spread some of that Solskinn warmth onto a community.


”Ecole Petit Troll” is a school located in the town Saint Louis du Sud in Southern Haiti. It was founded by Prosjekt Haiti in 2011 in order to give children who could not otherwise afford to pay for school the opportunity to have an education. Currently, an effort is being made to build a community building on the campus, which would give the children and their families a place to come together.


We want to take part in that effort and are raising money towards building a much needed health clinic. To succeed in building the clinic we need to raise $15,000 and are asking for your help in order to reach that goal!


How to contribute:

First of all, THANK YOU! Your contribution will make a difference to a community in need. Please use the secure donation module on this page by entering the amount you want to contribute and then clicking the ”Donate Now” button.


Norwegian contributors also have the option of using the mobile app Vipps by sending to the number 17913.


100% of the money raised will go directly to the cause. Any personal fees we will have while completing the project will come from our own pockets.

$14,223.00 of $15,000.00 raised

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Donation Total: $25.00

There is a lot of equipment that needs to be bought and multiple rooms that needs to be built. Every single dollar is a valuable contribution towards something that can be used to save and improve lives. See the illustration below to find out what YOUR donation will be used for.

Tier 1


With $20 (about 170 kroner) you can sponsor the clinic with 15 full antibiotic cures or almost all the needed disposable equipment used in a day at the clinic. This could also pay for a pack of the most necessary medications and supplements to hand out to families.

Tier 2


With $50 (about 415 kroner) you can sponsor a piece of medical equipment, like a blood pressure measuring device or scales for patient assessment. This could also pay for furniture like a consultation table or three chairs.

Tier 3


With $125 (about 1040 kroner) you can sponsor the clinic with more advanced equipment like an otoscope, a hemoglobin measuring device or a blood sugar meter. This could also hire the necessary medical personnel to keep the clinic open for a whole day, enough time to tend to the medical needs of 300 people.

Tier 4


With $500 (about 4170 kroner) you can sponsor the clinic with advanced laboratory equipment, an archiving system, a good patient examination table or two beds for patients that need observation overnight.

Tier 5


With $1,000 (about 8350 kroner) you can sponsor the clinic with important furniture like a gynaecologist chair, pharmacy locker or a blood cell counting device. This could also buy the equipment needed for the sanitary station.

Tier 6


With $2,500 (about 20 700 kroner) you can sponsor the façade of the health clinic, including the doors and lights in all the rooms. There are four rooms that need to be built; a doctors office, a nurses office, a lab and a pharmacy storage. This could also buy a much needed advanced microscope.



Thank you so much for helping us make a difference!

About Prosjekt Haiti:

  • Founded in year 2000 by two Norwegians and a Haitian.
  • Works towards helping underprivileged children in Haiti towards a better future.
  • Focus on education, vocational training and social entrepreneurship.

Some of their projects:

  • Two elementary schools for a total of 400 underpriviledged children.
  • A youth club offering useful training and courses.
  • A network for women offering training in reading and writing, sewing and entrepreneurship.

Want to learn more about Prosjekt Haiti?   Visit their website >